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2 min readNov 25, 2022


Using the browser extensions can cause some potential privacy concerns for cryptocurrency holders. Browser extensions, like Metamask, also hold private keys in your browser. While this makes the app easier to use, it presents serious risks. Therefore, users now tend to find an alternative way for connecting desktop and mobile wallets to Dapps. And using with WalletConnect is a perfect choice for users’ security and experience!

So, What is WalletConnect?

WalletConnect is an open-source protocol that helps implement established connections between various crypto wallets and decentralized finance (DeFi) DApps. It is secure, easy-to-use and allows users to quickly manage their crypto assets safely and conveniently.

The WalletConnect protocol is simple and easy to use with a QR code. Users can scan this code to connect their wallet from their phone to Ketos and other DApps easily. WalletConnect provides a secure session for each connection, and also supports multiple account management, meaning that users can connect multiple wallets to a single Dapps.

In comparison with browser extensions, this protocol is much more private, and a lot safer. WalletConnect increases security by eliminating the need to retrieve private keys from the mobile app. It requests your approval for any transactions and never gives DApps access to your private keys.

With these advantages of using WallectConnect, Ketos has supported WalletConnect since September, 2022. Now users can connect their wallet with WalletConnect on

Using and WalletConnect allows you to eliminate the need for browser extensions such as MetaMask — as the most secure crypto wallet integrated with token exchanges, browser DApps, multichain wallet and many other utilities. At Avacus, you can send, receive and store your cryptocurrencies safely and securely.

And WalletConnect, as we talked about above, makes it possible to enhance security for transactions without revealing personal information of any parties involved. When you connect to DApps, like Ketos, via WalletConnect, it’s impossible for the funds in your wallet to be spent without your approval.

Therefore, using with WalletConnect to connect to Ketos is a great combination to ensure the safety and security of crypto assets. It allows users to eliminate the need for browser extension. Users can easily manage their wallet, fund transactions without worrying about security matters. Besides, crypto holders can manage multiple connections and disconnect freely. By Using and WalletConnect, users are free to switch between networks (ETH,BNB,Polygon,…) while the connection is kept in the backend of

How to login and sign transaction demonstration

Logging to Ketos by using Avacus Wallet is faster, easier than ever via WalletConnect. Follow the video below for a detailed guide.

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