Ketos Lending Fund — “Passive lending, flash earning”

4 min readOct 26, 2022

Finding and choosing suitable borrow offers to give a loan is a complicated and time-consuming process for Lenders. It is the fact that a variety of Lenders have crypto tokens and they want to lend to earn interest but they only want to lend these offers that are secured by certain NFT collections. In the traditional lending process, Lenders have to spend a lot of time choosing loan offers and Borrowers have to wait until their offer has been accepted. Therefore, Ketos Lending Fund has been created to solve this problem.

What is a Lending fund

Ketos Lending Fund is a fund that is created by Lenders for lending of crypto tokens secured by specified NFTs. By creating a fund, Lenders can automatically lend these loan offers that match their lending conditions such as Collateral NFT (NFT collection), maximum lending amount, lending rate, etc. Lending funds not only makes the lending process faster and easier but also reduce risks for Lenders.

Why Lenders need a Lending Fund

It is obvious that Lenders, who earn the interests by lending activities need a Lending Fund. Even though they want to lend coins, Lenders only believe in some certain NFT collection. Therefore, it takes time for them to find and choose suitable loan offers. By having a Lending Fund, lenders can automatically lend these loan offers that are suitable with their lending conditions. They can optimize their lending activities and achieve the maximum profit.

Ensure the value of NFT Collection.

Besides Lenders, NFT Creators, who create NFT collections, also need a Lending Fund. Pricing a new NFT collection is very difficult. By creating a lending fund on Ketos for their NFT Collection, Creators can warrant that their NFTs are valuable. Their NFT holders will have more faith because now they can mortgage this NFT on Ketos.

Creators also can freeze their Lending Fund until a specified day they want. During the frozen period, Owner of the Lending Fund could not edit or withdraw their fund. That makes sure that the fund are guaranteed until the chosen day.

For example:

Alice issues 5 Alice NFTs id from 1 to 5, each NFT values 50 USDT and will be guaranteed by Alice. And then, Alice creates a Lending Fund for this NFT Collection with the Fund Balance is 250 USDT on Ketos, set the lending range id from 1 to 5. Alice freeze this Lending Fund 30 days. During freezing period, Alice (Lender) could not withdraw or edit their fund (including shorten frozen period). So that Alice NFT holders (Borrower) sure can borrow approximately 50 USDT during this freezing time because the fund balance is secured by Ketos.

Besides, Creators also can use Lending Fund to make their NFTs become Growth NFTs — NFTs have price increases day by day. Growth NFT helps creators demonstrate growth in the value of their collections.

Borrowing process becomes faster and easier.

Instead of waiting a couple days for acceptance from Lenders in the traditional Lending Process, now Borrowers can passively apply these Lending Funds that are suitable with these NFT that they have.

Click here for the guideline of applying to a Lending Fund.

Create your Lending fund with Ketos

There is no doubt about the advantages of having a Lending Fund on Ketos. It is super easy to create a Lending Fund on Ketos. Currently, Ketos only support token type ERC721.

Click here for the detailed guideline of Creating and Using a Lending Fund.

Ketos Lending Fund brings a lot of benefits for not only Lenders but also Borrowers and NFT Creators. By having a Lending Fund, the lending process has been optimized and becomes easier than ever. Let’s access Ketos and create your own Lending Fund now!

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