Ketos Airdrop #7 — Winners Announcement!

2 min readMay 26, 2022


👉 Ketos Airdrop Campaign №7 Result form👈

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The Ketos Airdrop №7 IS OVER!

Dear Ketos Community x Astarian,

Ketos has lived on Astar from May, 2022.

Launching Astar, Ketos P2P pawn platform allows users who own NFTs on the Astar network can use Ketos’ service to borrow through pledging NFT assets.

To celebrate the release of Ketos on Astar network, we are very happy to
continue our Airdrop series with Ketos Airdrop #7 on Astar. Ketos gives away many prizes with total prize pool up to 50,000 $ASTR!

The prizes have been sent to the winners’ wallet address on Astar Network.

💰Total prizes : 50,000 $ASTR

🏆 Rewards : 200 Ketos GrowthNFTs for 100 lucky users (Each Winner received 2 Ketos GrowthNFTs) . Grow up to 250$ASTR per Ketos GrowthNFT.

(Increasing 0,5 $ASTR/day, start value 200 $ASTR, within 100 days)


🎊 Ketos GrowthNFT — What’s special?

“Hold to earn more”

No more NFTs with a stable value, the winners of this Airdrop #6 will receive Ketos GrowthNFT, which is NFT issued by Ketos and has the price increasing a certain amount day by day. Ketos GrowthNFT will be guaranteed by Ketos.

Winners can check the realtime value of Ketos Growth NFT on Ketos app

Ketos Official,

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