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Ketos — Free to surf in your NFTs world

As a P2P decentralized NFT pawn platform, Ketos allows for lending of coins and tokens secured by NFTs. We support lenders and borrowers connecting with each other.

In order to help users better understand Ketos service, we have decided to continue Ketos Airdrop Campaigns for our active community members. By completing these easy tasks you will have a chance to win our attractive prizes.

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Event time : 18th Mar — 20th Mar, 2022 (UTC +0)

💰Total prizes : 3000 USDT

🏆 Rewards : 200 Ketos Reward NFTs (equivalent to $15 USDT each)


🎊 What’s new of Ketos Airdrop #4?

Airdrop #4 rewards will be given in the form of Ketos Rewards NFTs. Each Ketos Rewards NFT is equivalent to $15 USDT and can be exchanged to USDT on Ketos

Total prizes pool : 200 Ketos Reward NFT x 15 USDT ( 3000 USDT)

❓How to claim the money from Ketos Reward NFT if I am a winner?

Claiming your money from Ketos Reward NFT is the final challenge for our winners!!

After receiving Ketos Reward NFT that is sent to your wallet address that you provided, Winners must do these steps to exchange their NFT to USDT.

Step 1: Go to Ketos app and connect your wallet that contain Ketos Reward NFT

Step 2: Choose Borrow tab and choose Ketos Reward NFT

Choose Ketos Rewards NFT

Step 3: Create a borrow offer exactly as the photo below:

Input information exactly as the image above

Step 4: Finish your offer and waiting for offer acceptance.

Your borrowing offer will be accepted and you will receive money after 24 hours.


How to participate?

Users join our campaign by finishing these tasks:

Activity 1 :

  • Follow @KetosOfficial on Twitter (+10)
  • Tweet and hashtag (+10)
  • Quote and tag 3 friends (+10)

Activity 2 : Join Ketos Community

Activity 3 :

  • Enter Wallet address (to receive NFT on BSC) (+10)
  • Visit Ketos and get Promotion code (+50)
  • Download Avacus App (+20)
  • Viral share (+30)
  • Finish 7 actions to get bonus (+20)

How can winners see their NFT when the distribution end?
Link :

If you are finding an easy, convenient and safe wallet to get the NFTs rewards, let’s use Avacus Wallet. With Avacus, creating a wallet is easier than ever.

=> Download Avacus Wallet now: IOS | Android


Activity details and rules

  • Any changes to the participation information after the event has finished will not be eligible.
  • Rewards will be distributed in 5 working days after the event. Details to be announced.
  • Winners will be announced on Twitter after the drawing. Only those who appear on that list are winners.
  • Final decisions belong to the Ketos team.

Ketos Official,

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