Ketos Airdrop #3–3000 USDT Giveaway!!!!

2 min readMar 10, 2022


Ketos — Free to surf in your NFTs world

Ketos protocol is a P2P decentralized NFT pawn platform. Ketos allows for lending of coins and tokens secured by NFTs. We support lenders and borrowers connecting with each other.

We are continuing our Airdrop #3 to kick start Ketos community! We have tons of exciting updates upcoming, so do keep your eyes peeled!

Ketos is giving $3000 USDT on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to our community!!!!!

Click here to join!

Airdrop details

  1. Event time : 11th Mar — 13th Mar, 2022 (UTC +0)
  2. Total prizes : 3000 USDT on BSC
  3. Rewards :

Winners will be selected at random through with following prizes:

  • 1 x Diamond Prize : 200 USDT each on BSC
  • 4 x Platinum Prize : 100 USDT each on BSC
  • 10 x Golden Prize : 50 USDT each on BSC
  • 50 x Silver Prize : 20 USDT each on BSC
  • 180 x Bronze Prize : 5 USDT each on BSC

All prizes will be sent to winners’ wallet on Binance Smart Chain.

USDT contract 0x55d398326f99059ff775485246999027b3197955
Link :

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Participate methods

Activity 1 :

  • Follow @KetosOfficial on Twitter (+10)
  • Tweet and hashtag (+10)
  • Quotes Ketos’s tweet and tag 3 friends (+10)

Activity 2 : Join Ketos Community

Activity 3 :

  • Enter Wallet address (to receive USDT on BSC) (+10)
  • Viral share (+30)
  • Finish 8 actions to get bonus (+20)

Extra challenge: Finish this action, User will get a higher chance to receive top prizes:

  • Visit our Ketos page, connect your Wallet which is used entry and submit your Promotion Code (Start with Kxxxxxxxxx) (+100)

Wallet should be as the same as entry

It is a challenge, so let’s DYOR!

Activity details and rules

  • Any changes to the participation information after the event has finished will not be eligible.
  • Rewards will be distributed in 5 working days after the event. Details to be announced.
  • Winners will be announced on Twitter after the drawing. Only those who appear on that list are winners.
  • Final decisions belong to the Ketos team.

Ketos Official,