How to create a borrow offer on Ketos?

2 min readApr 1, 2022

It is super easy to create a borrowing offer on Ketos by following these steps.

Note: You must have successfully installed Metamask and small amount of $BNB for gas before.

Step 1: Go to Ketos app and connect wallet with Metamask that contain your NFTs

Step 2: Choose Borrow tab and choose NFT pledged as collateral.

Note: In case you don’t see NFT in Borrow tab, you can import NFT manually by your link with link (explore or other markets)

or manually import by contract address and tokenId

Step 3: Fill Loan Amount, Mortgage Term and APR then Click Next

Step 4: Accept Ketos Terms of use and click Approve

then Confirm transaction on Metamask

Step 5: Click Create offer

then Confirm transaction on Metamask

Successful!! Now you only have to wait until your offer is accepted!

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